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H + H Organized Tray with Ampule Divider and Labels

H + H Organized Tray with Ampule Divider and Labels

Julie Morgenstern in her industry creating book, Organizing From The Inside Out, laid down the basic principles for organizing pretty much anything.

First among them was “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”

In the case of medical carts, crash carts and medication carts, a place for everything means an organized drawer or removable exchange tray with labelled compartments for each medication or supply.

Many of the newest medical carts on the market come ready made for drawer dividers.  Metro’s Starsys, Flex and Lifeline come with pre-grooved drawers ready to accept dividersMetro Starsys Drawer - Divider Ready & Organized Well

Metro Starsys Drawer – Divider Ready & Organized Well

Many of your colleagues have turned to H+H flexible divider systems to cope with the constantly changing package designs of drug companies.

Because H+H uses flexible, modular and interchangeable rails and dividers, an exchange tray or storage drawer can be easily reconfigured with little or no additional investment.

H+H dividers will adapt to your needs as your needs change.

The use of a drawer or tray organizing system, like H+H, have proven benefits:

· Ensure accuracy and reduce the possibility of a med. error. An organizing system establishes a protocol and a home for each med. Nurses know where to find the med.

· Provide security and more control of meds. An organized drawer or tray allows for efficient inventory of missing meds. The use of security bags for trays will also indicate when a tray has been used and requires replenishment.


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