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Standardize This! 3 Great Scales


Many of your colleagues have already standardized on Scale-Tronix in their facility.

There are more than 1500 Scale-Tronix scales in use in 400 healthcare facilities across Canada.  3 out of 4 Scale-Tronix customers have more than one scale and of those, 90% have multiple models of scales.  Once a healthcare facility selects Scale-Tronix they tend to buy more and they tend to buy them for more than one department.

The three scales your colleagues select most often are: 4802 Pediatric Scale, 6002 WheelChair Scale, and the 5002 Stand On Scale.

Why standardize on Scale-Tronix? Apart from the fact that the scales share the same set of parts which makes maintenance easier, all of the scales work in the same intuitive fashion.  Once a nurse has learned to use one model of scale, she knows how to use any other model.



Weighing your next patient can be as easy as 1- 2 – 3
With nurse-friendly features like automatic zeroing, patient re-weigh and last patient weight re-call, weighing your next patient is as easy as:
1. Turn the scale on, it will beep once, zero itself and beep twice when ready
2. Ask the patient to step on the scale or wheel them on
3. The scale will beep three times when it has the patient’s weight
Not sure of the result? Simply press re-weigh with the patient still on the scale and it will take a second measurement.  Forget to record the last patient’s weight? Press Recall and the scale will display the weight of the previous patient (even if a new patient is now on the scale).
All this in a counterbalanced design with easy rolling casters to make moving the scale easy on your back.
Scale-Tronix scales, nurse friendly features in a design that is built to last.
We would welcome the opportunity to show you why so many of your colleagues  have standardized on Scale-Tronix in their facility.
Scale-Tronix 5002 Stand On Scale

Scale-Tronix 5002 Stand On Scale

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