Scale-Tronix Stow-A-Weigh Scales

Scale-Tronix Stow-A-Weigh Scales:

Portable or Built In… this is a never ending argument.

Portable scales, like the 6002, allow you to conveniently bring the scale to patient.  On the other hand, what do you with the scale when it is not in use?  Where do you store it? How do you ensure it is available when you need it?

Built in – you will always know where it is, but there is the added cost  of construction and you must dedicate floor space / wall space / corridor space to it.

Although hardly hospital standards yet, the new Stow-A-Weigh Scales from Scale-Tronix provide you with the benefits of a built in while minimizing the cost and construction requirements.

Scale-Tronix 6202 Stow-a-Weigh Scale

Scale-Tronix 6202 Stow-a-Weigh Scale

Scale-Tronix 6202 Stow-a-Weigh Wheelchair Scale

Scale-Tronix 6202 Stow-a-Weigh Wheelchair Scale









Like the 6002, the 6202 Stow-a-Weigh Wheelchair scale doubles as a stand on scale and a chair scale if needed.

Visit Scale-Tronix to see the complete line of Stow-a-Weigh Scales or other WheelChair Scales.

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