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WheelChair Scales:

The 6002 Wheelchair Scale is often called the Three in One because it easily shifts from wheelchair scale (ramps down) to a stand on scale (ramps up with optional handrail) or a basic chair scale (ramps up, chair on scale and scale zero’d with chair in place).

Scale-Tronix 6002 Scale (ramps down)

Many dialysis techs have standardized around Scale-Tronix and their family of wheelchair scales.

How popular is it? There are just over 400 wheelchair scales in more than 200 healthcare facilities in Canada.

In order to get the most out of your scale, the 60224 optional handrail is always recommended and more than 90% of users select this option.

This scale’s counter balanced design and easy rolling casters make it very portable.

This scale was designed for nurses.. it’s durable.  Customers have told us about scales accidentally being pushed down stairs and still working.   We recommend using the elevator for unit to unit transfers, it is easier on your back… or better yet… buy a second  scale.

As wheelchairs have increased in size, Scale-Tronix has responded by adding newer models with ever larger platforms.  Still the 6002 (platform: 24” x 26”) remains the most popular (more than 75% of our customers select this scale).  For customers needing to accommodate larger chairs, the 6702 (platform: 28” x 30”) is chosen most often.   Not big enough, select the 6702W (platform: 28” x 32”) or the new 6772 Adjustable wheelchair scale (adjusts to accommodate chairs from 18” to 43”).

An increasingly popular option when you are building new or renovating your department is to incorporate the 6102 Flush Mounted Floor Scale into your design.

Additional Information & Complete Specs:
(click on the model): 6002, 6702, 6702W, 6772

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