Enovate Wall Computing Station

Enovate e550 Wall Computing Station

Enovate e550 Wall Computing Station

There are many reasons why patient room wall computing stations make sense.  Making nurse’s work lives easier should be chief among them.

Let’s face it, considering the amount of equipment already found in crowded hospital corridors and patient rooms, trying to navigate a heavy COW (computer on wheels) down the hall, through the patient room door and into any available space beside the bed is no easy task.   Given that some of these carts, fully loaded with computer CPU, LCD display, vital sign monitors and sealed lead acid batteries, can easily weigh more than 100 lbs and heavier, this is a task that could lead to a repetitive strain injury… and our nurses are not necessarily getting younger.

Patient room computer wall stations for healthcare just make sense!

We love these new Wall Computing Stations from Enovate.

They are available in a variety of models, including some that provide storage for patient medications and supplies.

The e130 provides all the functionality of a basic arm mounted monitor with the ability to adjust the height for seated or standing charting.

The e550 has the ergonomic advantage of sit to stand height adjustability built into a secure cabinet that provides privacy for the patient and security for your technology.

The e750 provides the same sit to stand benefit as the e550 with additional secure storage.

And, the smooth, non-porous nature of these computer cabinets will get the approval of infection control.  Everyone will appreciate the built-in cable management.






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